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Player reporting ?

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Hello , i'd like to start a topic about the thing that most of MMO players quit because of :x 


i mean , how many times did u get in a pt for like gloomdross and there are 2 players that just stand near where the boss spawns and doesn't wanna help with protecting the orbs or anything ?

AND U CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT , i've played for like 2-3 months , and didn't find anyway yet to report this type of players who destroy the pleasure of playing MMO games 


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Hello you can report them like bot but it's useless. Take screen and report maybe. You're in french's forum but french's players do it too. They're afk in dungeon too. Most of hm 10 + do it. You can leave the Party and try again with another members. 

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Yeah leechers that stand and not helping but actually bidding at the end of the dungeon,is a very frustrating thing to come across.Only thing you can do is do your job for your dailies or the item you search for and then continue your play.Chances are you'll never meet them again,so no need to be pissed about random players.

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