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49 minutes ago, Lricardo said:

I enter on a PT of dkv but there was with no bosses and when i go out i cant go inside again even creating a new party so i had to use a reset .


It means that your party has already killed the final boss before you got in.


First of all, did you join the raid party and afk outside DKV for a period of time. How long did it take you to go to DKV after joined the raid party? 


Sometimes it is not raid party problem, it is the player's problem when they just afk outside of DKV. Sometimes it is raid party problem when they don't wait for newly recruited players and start on the final boss. (If they want to start on the final boss ASAP, why do they still need to invite/recruit players?)

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i enter the raid very fast not be afk , what happen is 1 guy joined the raid and he already have done it before and didnt exit the raid and no one have entered before him.

all 24 members got the same problem as i and cant did the quest 

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