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A Competitive Disadvantage - PVP & PVE.

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Hi BNS Community...


Firstly I'd like to say I am new to the forum, and I really appreciate any assistance I can get with the game.



I am an English speaking South African and the best server to play on would be EU from my end.

Currently playing on the Windrest server as a BM... (Oh boy)


So I started the game during "Beta" in 2014 with massive ping, VPN'ed to the Korean servers, and stopped playing at level 27 for rather obvious reasons as I couldn't even understand what was going on. But when a friend of mine told me that the game was released and in English in 2016 I had to start again.


Now the problem, I am not a premium member and don't really wanna spend real world money on anything more than costumes or other athletics (Personally feel like paying to get ahead isn't playing the game properly - again PERSONALLY I feel this way) however at HM 7 (almost HM 8) I have realized that I am at a competitive disadvantage.

I do understand that the game is very "grindy" and its not a walk in the park to get stronger, but I could do with a few tips and tricks on making Leveling / Gold Farming / Gear Upgrades / and Dungeons a bit easier.


All answers welcome.

All questions welcome.


As I am new I may have left out information or posted this in the incorrect place, please advise and I will fill in any blanks and make changes accordingly.



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Well i could tell you that farming SSP is a good option but is geared based too so if you dont deal good damage you won't get a good amount of prestige points for farming soulstones but, you'll get 'pp' and little by little selling your ss or even using them for crafting you'll get stronger. That's what i did it took me like 6 months to get 1000 AP only doing SSP and farming from time to time Dungeons to get a decent gear but, I accomplished my goal in this game.


That's why I'm worry of the future of SSP, if the merge all servers that place is going to be always caped meaning that is gonna be hard to farm soulstones from now on.

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As in HMlvl you're quite alright. When HM10 was cap people would run around in HM3... when cap at HM15, most people were HM5. So being HM7-8 now is alright.


As for gearing, you can do anything under Asura with pre legendary, which is really cheap (Asura was designed for people with 550-600AP). When it comes to anything ahead of Asura, you might wanna have some Legendary. Check out some vids of dungeons and you're good to give a try.

Ofc there will be some 'special' players that would trash talk anyone that isn't 1,000AP, even when you carry them >.> but that's when you start using you block list :D


Dungeons will be your main source of lvl. Some open areas (like Twisted Grimhorn) will be good for solo experience, specialy if you have any hongmoon XP boost soup, cuz inside dungeon you don't really get experience from killing.


As for gold... I really don't know anymore. I used to make gold from crafting, but sudden changes could make you vendor trash items that costed a small fortune to get. Doing easy daily dgs would get you around 40g?! a day... Higher end dungeon would give a lot more, depending on what drops, but that's where the most toxic people gather.


Best bet would be finding a good guild, and make friends.


PvP wise you'll always be in a big disvantage no matter how much you're willing to spend (if time or real money). The grind for gear here has no end, and even most no lifers aren't even close to HM20.

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What I do for levelling and upgrading gear is just doing dungeons everyday. It's a bit hard starting out as an HM 7, because most people won't accept you in the mid to high level dungeons, so you either have to get lucky to get into a party, or just stick to doing the lower end of the level 50 dungeons for now.


The best advice I can give is to try and find a nice clan that is willing to "carry" you through the higher dungeons and teach you the mechanics. That way you can get a lot of extra EXP and drops, as well as prepare for the dungeons to play them with randoms once you've gained more HM levels and gotten better gear.


Other advice I can give is to make sure you're well-equipped for whatever you're doing. Don't walk around with an under-levelled weapon. Upgrade that thing as much as you can, even if it costs you your bank. Get Pinnacle accessories to start with. Try to aim for at least 5 parts of the Midnight Skypetal Plains Soul Shield (join teams in the weekend for double drops). Spend your Hongmoon points mostly in Attack. You generally don't want more than 10 points into Defence. For the easier dungeons, you can just put them all into Attack. Having higher AP means that people are more likely to accept you in parties, and you help killing stuff faster.


Never be afraid to say it's your first time doing a dungeon, or that you don't know what you're doing. It's better than keeping quiet and messing up the party at some point: they'll eventually find out it was you anyway. If they know you're new, they might take the time to explain to you what to do. If they don't explain it to you, look for patterns in the boss fights. Look what the other people are doing and follow their actions. Never assume you're doing it right and that they're wrong.

If people ask you to do something (like stealthing if your class can do that), don't be afraid to ask for more details. It's better to ask and gain knowledge than to quietly guess and hope you're not messing up. If nobody explains and the party disbands, go look for a guide that will explain it to you so you can do it properly the next time.

Of course, none of this should be a problem if you can find a clan that is willing to teach new players how to play the dungeons. That's why I advice to finding one to play with.

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