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Divine Grace Stone availability?

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I've been running IF for weeks with my char and a friend's char, I believe i have like 130 runs and i have not seen that drop yet i asked to another ppl that has more runs than me and their answer is the same still No Drop so far. 


So I wonder if the drop really exist? /HongWhat

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Scions keep drops more than one of these every clear I think. I know they drop I just havn't paid enough attention to tell you if it's been every clear we've had. I know more than one can drop.


If you're planning to fuse a badge you should be about at the level you can run this dg anyways. Since most pug reqs for IF are about the same as a VT run tbh.

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The drop rate is VERY similar to the frequency of offals and embers. I'd assume it's around the rate of the wings in this event. MEANING, you'll prolly see it some where in 1-500 runs. When you do see it, i'd suggest you keep a minimum of 3-5k worth of gold because people who "grind" that dungeon, are doing so for a reason. 

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