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"Bug" abusing in 6v6 (Assassin Taxi)


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So alot of people are aware that assassins are a great part of 6v6 as they can make you invisible or even taxi you to skip alot of walking and hassle. Sounds nice and fair.

But now I just realized that people actually abuse something, that I dont think was actually meant to be a reasonable way to get horns into your base.

What they do is get an assassin behind the gate that doesnt open for the first 5 mins, and then taxi them through the wall, making them get to the middle base way faster than any other possible way AND avoiding any kind of enemy, as they cant get to them. Its a cheap trick that made people win by 50 points difference, which I dont find fair at all.

This "bug" should be fixed, as you shouldnt be able to taxi people through an inpassable wall.

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Hmm I think that's fair use of the skill. After all, the sin has to sacrifice a damage or escape skill for it.  Plus the sin and a second char have to reach the horn fast enough to pull this off before being interrupted by the other party, which is also not easy.


Except for the general higher value of sins in most parts of the game at the moment than any other class, which might need some balancing, I don't think it qualifies as bug abuse. Rather it's a team technique. :)

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