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8 hours ago, Alkaa said:

This logic has some big holes.

It's like your one of the guys that likes to go afk.... and if you enjoy doing yeti in 20 mins .. then be my guest.

I think people spend enough time trying to clear BT at some points.. first time we did it.. we spent 6 hours... randoms spend days....  this logic that "you should" is weak.


If I want a strong party.. and if the person insists to afk or insult I should have the right to kick or better sayd .. the party has the right to kick.... so people like you get to learn a lesson...  guess you forgot that you L2 you could get a nice kick.


I've played L2 for many years on official and on pirates.. I know what "farming" is .. but I also know what "l2 tower" is .. let's not compare the 2 games.. even if I consider L2 far better as  "purpose" 

Did you just punt off into left field with this reply? You claim my logic has big holes but nothing you said even remotely corresponded to what I was saying. 


I stated if a player feels the need to go AFK in a dungeon and leech in a dungeon that takes under 20 minutes to run they need to find a new game, cause this is obviously to much for them. (Aka speaking of daily dungeon.. BT was NEVER in this equation) The game is grindy but not nearly as bad as some which is why I used Lineage 2 for an example of a real "Grindy" Korean MMO. That was the only reason for the comparison. There really is no reason to go AFK in any daily dungeon other then sheer laziness. 


The kicking part, I don't know why you feel the need to put that since I stated I am FOR kicking people. 


1 hour ago, YuriKat said:

I agree with you, though I think that just a kick function would do the thing.

I also played L2 for years, in that game you could either get rid of an undesired party member by kicking it off the party or if he started messing around, you could just kill them anytime.

You can't do any of those things here so you're pretty much defenceless against that kind of behaviour. Bad thing.

See i would love to have this type of feature in the game. L2 has the kick function and people hardly ever abused that feature, I say hardly because yeah you always had the [edited - PhoenixMitra] heads that did. That is where you do exactly what you do for offline players, it requires the entire PT to vote kick them out. 


Though to be honest I know at least one clanny that would love the PK option to deal with AFKers. She was red almost all the time in K90 but no one would kill the healer XD

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There's no real solution for this.

If we put a %damage requirement, we'll punish people that joined on going dungeons, those that stayed behind for whatever reason or someone that got killed in the fight, or by the wall of fire.

If we put a kick funciton, any A hole could abuse it and kick legit players for any trivial reason, or simply party up with another A hole and a kick would never work on them.

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Kick function with voting is good. At least you need the rest of the party members to agree on you to kick the afker/leecher. This will be hard to abuse because assuming it is a 6m party, you need at least 4 other members to also vote "yes" to kick the player. Plus, once the boss is engaged or loot dropped, the vote kick option is disabled.


Other than this kick function, I can't think of any other ways to fix this afker/leecher issue. I will just continue to solo the dungeons until a solution is implemented. :D

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