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earth sf badge?

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so i decided to reroll to earth sf...been playin ice sience it came out and its gettin boring the question is...is primal force badge is a must for earth sf? or there`s better options?

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Let me correct you guys about SF, SF ice excel in Melee combat while SF Earth Excel in Long range combat equip SF Earth with Revelation badge and SF becomes so OP with its Beam Cannon Unli Spam. SF is one the heaviest DPS in the game not only they can heal and support teammates they are the only class that revive all party members. SF are very useful in highlevel dungeon specially in BT where the first boss eats up your HP. I prefer Earth SF than Ice SF. Why? Ice SF is melee and tend to get hit a lot and u cant help party members if u go down first. Earth SF on the other hand has a very very good Range DPS that rival even the FM and Gunner with "Revelation Badge", Revelation badge decrease cool down of Whirlwind for 4sec everytime Beam Cannons hits, while whirlwind slows 80% movement speed it also double the attack speed and (almost)double the damage of Beam Cannon while the enemy in inside the whirlwind. Beam Cannons a 2x16 range AoE so its so OP.

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Earth SF here...


For Soul badge, Primal Force is must for Earth SF, there is no better Soul badge. Later you would go Primal Force + Holy Fire since this benefits you with normal rotation and more so during Soulburn. 


Beside being able to stack golden dragon, Primal Force also syncs your Iron Shoulder cooldown with the Tiger Bracelet cooldown.


For Mystic badge, Revelation is better, more useful than Skyrift. And wayyyy later, you get the Dynasty mystic badge. 

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I never trouble myself with managing golden dragons with Raven reset, Whirlwind + displace. Focus chi and SB so if there is a warlock in my party I'll rather use Holy Fire Soul Badge


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