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My Feedback on the Heart of Golden Lotus event

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Lesson for NCWest:


-Should have made 2,000-Ncoin box being giftable at the very beginning. People who gift the things need to pay real money for Ncoin after all, so it is not matter if they buy more than one box and sell them for gold to players who don't want to pay for Ncoin. They realize this too late.


-Should have made 2,000-Ncoin box available to HMcoin too. People who buy it with HMcoin needs to sell gold for HMcoin, thus cheaper gold:coin ratio, thus encouraging more NCoin buyers to take this chance. It also helps deplete players' HMcoin they gain randomly from Sparkling Venture Tokens, and do some more gold sink with HMcoin tax from players who win a lot of 100-gold gingsens from Celestial Basins event.


-Should have make 2,000-Ncoin box give more attractive outfit. I said scrapping the silly silver-dress and its headgear and replacing it with Boss Mode or a swimsuit like Summer Sea instead. Sales would go up, surely. I always wonder if the one who chooses event outfit really has a sense of beauty or not, as they tend to be just like some kind of thrown-away outfits. Cash-grab events are not something you want to dump subpar outfits with it.


-Should have not tried to force players RNG with Shadow Phoenix outfit from those boxes and sell the adornment separately. Players like the outfit but hate RNG might either try their luck with a few boxes, or just don't buy it at all. Some players are completionists, so if they don't get the outfit, they don't buy the adornment either. Better if they allows players to gain currency from boxes which can exchange for what they want if unlucky. 20 boxes per outfit is not a bad deal and boost sales.


-Should have confirmed about the drop rate. Players believe the rate of Golden Lotus chest suck compared to Icy chests, but NCWest doesn't bother to reassure players. Rumors have its own power, and might have prevented a good number of players who want to take park to the RNG fest. No one wants something cost them arms and legs but give them barely anything back.


-Should have spread out milestones items. For example, 50,000 for Sunrise Action Hero, 100,000 for Red Padded Coat, 150,000 for Red Gangplank... The more milestones, the more sense of achievement players feel, thus encourage more box selling.


-Should have priortize reaching the milestone before NCWest's profit. 100% of net profit from Golden Lotus box sales should go directly to prize pool to reach the main objective first, then NCWest can get that back by having more players purchase 2,000 Ncoin boxes, since the rewards become very attractive: 9 outfits and adornment for 2,000 Ncoin, thus push further into sub-milestones.


-I found it silly that players who buy 2,000 Ncoin boxes cannot join the tournament anymore. This discourages sales from contestants for no reason.


-Should have be more careful with Daily Specials. The recent "unlimited whale items" incident has made a good number of players losing faith, or more faith, in NCWest business model. They might accept this game being "P2W" (or Pay-to-Progress, I leave it to your definition), as long as you don't sell items that should make players, even whales, doing contents. Those unlimited items basically hurt a lot of players and the game's health:

+Credit-card Whales can instantly get top-tier PvP weapon instead spending a few weeks grinding, which is already a lot easier for them doing so with their uber gear. This makes them lack of a driving motivation to do the contents.

+Gold-whale People  massively sell gold for HMcoin to buy these items, thus hurt currency exchange.

+Non-whales feel even morel discouraged to join 6v6. Longer queue time due to lacking of willing players discourages everyone, whales or non-whales

+This makes people believe that the game has turned into a true P2W game. The leaving of BnS Academy Founders cuz they disagree with the current business model is a good example


While the revert is a good move to deal with the incident, it also leaves scars:

-People who sell HMcoin won't get their gold back and people who buy Ncoin won't get their money back. This makes people upset and feel tricked.

-Posts about the revert with missing items. Errors happen, but in sensitive time like this, it makes people lose trust even more.

-A tattered currency exchange.


All of these upset and negative feeling results in losing confidence on NCWest, thus discouraging people contribute to the event.


-Should have updated the progression bar more frequently. Even it only increases by 1pct per day, it helps people have a sense of progression and might encourage them contribute more.




In any case, NCWest still has my thank (and many people) for the bonus milestones with Pure Grace. The event is a fine mess, but the final gesture of appreciation might help restore some faith.


At least it restores mine :3


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I definitely agree on the rumor that the drop chances were nerfed. I got lots more oil from icy chest. This one was a joke.

I love the outfit from the 2k box, but the hair... could have done something better, that still matches the theme. 

And I refuse to believe that the "Today Special" was a mistake.

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I don't think the drop chances were nerfed.  I think people just get paranoid when they get a streak of bad luck.  I never got any oils from Icy chests but got 14 oils opening 100 of this new chest.  It's all RNG and everyone is going to go through different bouts of good luck and bad luck.

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