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Element should make more sense for an Assassin

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Well as the topic states the element class should fit the playstyle of the character. Not sure if that applies to other roles in the game and if so all the more reason to tweak that.

The way it currently is Lightning build for a does its damage from stealth and hiding from the enemies this is how it does its max dps.

Shadow on the other hand you are basically not in stealth at all and all the damage comes from rapid attacks and animation cancel.

Why not switch it so that it makes more sense? make it so that a shadow build is done from stealth and lightning be rapid attacks and animation cancel.

So the playstyle will stay the same just the name of the element be different.


The way I see it, its like having a fire build that main damage is Ice and having a ice build that damage comes from fire like huh?

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Not practical and worth the time.


You would need to do more than just simple use "Find & Replace" to change "Shadow" into "Lightning" and vice versa.


You would need to re-code element accessories on Lightning and Shadow sins to make them match up with the changed elements, WHILE still keep the same accessories for other classes that also use Lightning and Shadow. Basically, if you change all Shadow sin's BT accessories into Lightning one, you need to make sure that Shadow Warlock and Shadow Des, who also use the same accessories, to keep their Shadow Element. You will have to do this, or think a way for Sin to exchange their elements, since you cannot force people re-grind their hard-earned BT accessories just like that.


It would cause confusion to the class community, since they are so used with Lightning being more stealth and Dark being less stealth. Guide will also have to change to address this.


And, the most important, is there any kind of profit for NCSoft to go through such many negatives? Zero, plus negative feedback if they do so.


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I was thinking the same too when I chose to become a shadow sin and found it to be totally different from what I expected T_T

Before I got divine dragon bracelet my dps in stealth is like 1/3 of my normal dps but with the bracelet now I can hit just as hard even in stealth.

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@Kozuki I doubt they would do it either all I mean is that it would make the class make sense as the description of the element would go with how it would be mainly played. So if for example they would correct that along with any classes that would require a similar change when that person would log on a character that was changed they have the option that converts the element accessory into the other element of that class 1 time use only or could either played the new element if they choose to. 

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