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What is next for BnS

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I wondering .. pondering going back to my other game.. because seriously its boring ... no current stuff.. dungeons are totally screwed up with the nerfs to them all. This game has gone to (human excrement)..  Devs milking the public for moonstones, evolved stones.. that (human excrement) should have been taken care of months ago.. Not debated.. for 3 weeks.. All around its just not worth wasting my time.  

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BnS pace of update is actually pretty decent in comparison to past games I have played. That is in terms of updates to dungeons, skill balances etc. To me where this game bites is when you are not spending money. It can be so unrewarding. You can mindlessly grind certain dungeons never to see the item you want drop and when it does there are players out there with so much money you have no chance of outbidding them. So for me I'm stuck at a certain point simply because I do not have the money to progress any further. I cannot even get into the very dungeons that BnS made the game easier since now the elite players created a new set of walls. Its like everytime I think I am close enough to get in some one kicks the can further up. Can I run these dungeons? Yes I can, yes I have but will decent groups let me join? Nope. When I do get lucky on a decent group as stated before nothing drops or if it does I simply do not have the money to win on bidding.


Boring game? No. Unrewarding? Yes. Add in a few frustrations like locking the bracelet in Mushin on floors that I can barely beat and nice loot etc in TOI, decent PvP stuff in 6s ALL content that requires good gear and decent ping to get through (cept 6s, thats purely whale territory) and you have a game that can at times turn you off.  Yet I continue to play because little with content is great gain and also because I have met some cool people in-game that I can pass the time with. All in all BnS is a nice game but honestly P2W or P2Progress faster, whatever you wanna call it there is no doubt that the cash element of progress is beginning to take its toll. In other words you could go back to making dungeons content etc hard but those drop table are unforgiving and then when you throw almost impossible to get items in cash shop for the rich to get them on a whim is classless and smacks in the face of players who simply cannot afford such. 


Meh at this point I'm all over the place but its just a summation of how I feel about this game right now.

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