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Strange Allure: WHERE is our hat?


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This isn't really a bug report, but it kind of is, and a long time coming:


The outfit for "Strange Allure" has been out for a very long time now. Most people know that there's a hat that's supposed to go with it, and we've seen the item on other regions' game clients, complete with tooltip info. Why haven't we gotten it yet, after all this time? Did someone on the NA client dev team forget about it? If it's a slight oversight, I hope this will at least be brought to the appropriate peoples' attention, so that they can be aware of this issue AND actually do something about it. To my understanding, a few other outfits are missing pieces, as well.

The red outfit that goes with the black bunny ears didn't come out with its adornment when it first came out, but at some point, everyone who bought that outfit from the HM Store eventually had one mailed to them in-game via the rewards box, if I recall correctly. I like the outfit, but haven't worn it much, simply because I felt that it was incomplete.

I'm sure that not only would people who purchased the outfit be happy to find the hat mailed to them, but that it would also help increase the sales of that outfit itself, if it finally started to come with the hat that it was supposed to have, all this while.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, and thank you for any and all help in this matter.

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