Do you need to do blue quests anymore?

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the short answer is yes you can do only the main quest and not do the blue ones


but there are some dungeons that needs you to do a blue quest to be able to enter it


as you do the main quest do the blue quest that are in the area you will get some silver and materials and xp that will help you out


and if your low on gold do some level appropriate daily quests


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Kinda. If you don't have premium from the beginning of leveling a new character, there will be 1 or 2 points early on (around level 18-20, its happened to me on 2 different characters) that you wont be able to do the next story because you're just 1 level under the requirement. Otherwise the whole story is doable without a single blue quest.

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For the most part, you don't REALLY need to do the blue quests. They give exp and rewards, but you can do almost exclusively the yellow ones to get to lv 50. However, if you are new to the game and/or want to enjoy the story (y'know, play the character out), then doing the blue quests isn't a bad idea.


Really, what it boils down to is... how do you want to play the game?


Do you want to rush to "the end" as fast as possible and have as high as stats with minimum effort?


Do you want to play your character, explore and not worry about the destination, rather the journey?


Me? I'm of the mindset of, "why play a game if you're not going to PLAY a game?"

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