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BD vs Warlock PVP Advice

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Im a newbie and a few days ago I came across a warlock who attacked me while I was buying shells from the fish guild. I just finished my transaction and then boom chained to the ground and dead. I thought it was hilarious quite honestly, I never saw it coming lol.


It was the first time I came across someone who PVP'd Bamboo Gaurd Outfit wearers and my first official death. Most of the time in my few days of experience most people wearing the Blackram Uniform kindly ignored me and I did the same for them. Out of curiosity I decided to try to attack him but never got close because he would kill me. I tried again on a different warlock who was attacking random guards in Jadestone and I was sure I caught him by surprise because he never saw me come up and his back was turned but the second my blade made contact I died.


Now I'm not angry in fact it's quite the opposite, these guys are clearly powerful which makes them a fun little challenge for me. I would like advice on how best to fight Warlocks as a Blade Dancer. As I said earlier I'm a Newbie and I still have a bit of trouble figuring things out so if possible I'm looking for something easy to understand, it would be greatly appreciated ?. When these DDoS attacks are solved I hope to continue leveling my character and make a goal of challenging and defeating a warlock.

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First you have to check their level, if their levels are 5 or more higher than yours, chances are their gear totally overwhelm yours. Even if they stand there and let you hit them for hours, you still can't kill them.


If their level is same as yours, use the parry spin. Using lightning build C (shortest cooldown, generate 3 lightning focus) & V (pull and stun). If at the start they randomly hit you, spin and parry stun them, C draw stun and spam F & LMB they will die instantly. If they are cautious and not attacking, use V pull them in, C draw stun and spam F & LMB.


Honestly at low levels when opponent is around same level as you, it is all about who strike first. Since both players have no escape skills unlocked, the one that stun the other first will win.


Edit: I forgot to mention use the aoe Flicker because it generates one lightning focus if used on stun opponents.

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