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They were finally released in the HM store. Another twist however, was the fixed price of 35 N-Coin and no limits, allowing for players to buy in bulks.

How happy are you that you no longer have to run multiple NS runs to get your bracelet drop, up to 200 times if your RNG is simply beyond terrible?

x200 Hands = 7000 N-Coin. I'm glad about the fixed price offer, although the price does stack up for the amount of remaining hands players are missing out on. 

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2 hours ago, SoraTokonome said:

yay, a pay-to-progress route for players who don't have much time to play bns

Well if you see it by the other side is a pay-to-win as well because that can help you in 6v6 too since is not an equalized battleground /:P you just pay to go to kill poor people without even farming the item xD!  But well is only my opinion.

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fortunately, i do not participate in pvp at all

to me, pay-to-win is only when an item/gear can only be obtained through cash shop

given enough time and effort, every player can have godly gear without visiting cash shop


bns should put this xano hand sale towards milestone

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So they "unintentionally" place these items in cash shop with an unlimited purchase AND a fixed price, then proceeds to place a limit on it a few hours later.....ha


What's worse is how they keep quiet and don't even address this situation..... and since you're finally deciding to place limits on the item, I hope you plan to do something about all of the players who took advantage of this "mistake". If not, that would be rather unfair to the rest of the community.


Did I also mention the price of the item was increased too?

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This was good idea imo, it help with less farm for casual players, you also can buy with hm coin, too bad i didnt bought when was no limit now i regret hope next saturday they put that item again no limit

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The fact that there was no limit is surprising and I'm also disappointied I missed out on it LOL, but come on do you really think these people who charge and have over 1000 ap don't already have the bracelets? ESPECIALLY now with the nerf? This is for others. The beluga thing or whatever? That's probably for them.


@Talla No offense but I would buy the Raven King soul since that's really cheap, like who wouldn't? 

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