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Summoner's Beckon and Evade bug against stealthed target?

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These two skills are both defense penetration and cause AoE damage, so they always hit despite of how high the opponent's evade chance. Unless you iframe.


However, they seems to have a bug against stealth targets. Normally, any kind of attack when hitting stealthed target should reveal them, but these two skills do not do that.


For example, against Assassin/Summoner in stealth (both players and Tower of Infinity), Evade will root them, while Beckon will knockdown and pull them. However, their stealth status still remains, despite that the damage text floats up. Note that if the normal Beckon hit them (when the pull/knockdown Beckon is in cooldown), it still unstealth them. 


Some other classes have similar non-target AoE skills, like Blade Dancer's Dual Strike - Daze Pull, Destroyer's Drag - Daze Pull... They all reveal stealthed target when the hit connects and is not iframed.

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