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Warlock's DPS rotation

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Hello guys ! I am a returning player, i have a warlock lvl 45 (on Windrest), i played for a while after warlock's release, focused on lvling up and totaly ignored the combos, so now after I returned, i somehow find it difficult and complicated to dps, i believe im doing it wrong, so can anyone tell me what's the build and how the dps rotation works (For PVE), I checked on youtube but i still don't get it, help me please and thank you ! =) 

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This all depends on ice or shadow build


I am a Ice build in PVE 

The main rotation outside of leech is:

RMB RMB RMB -> Rupture ->RMB RMB RMB -> Rupture 


Within leech if having correct badge it is
4 - V - RMB (RMB until 4 is able again, if 4 is crit recast 4) 


Next to that soul shackle often the extra damage version (not shackle no knock up unless mechanics require it)

For sanctum -> immunity most often


Badges: Magnum 
Mystic: 150% bombard dps

Gear: Seraph Min stage 6 (else stick with non legendary)

Soulshield set: Full MSP or 5 msp - 3 xanos 



Initial: Finish full quest line and reach hm lvl 5+ :P 

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