I've been monitoring that stretch goal page and have noticed that progress has slowed down quite a bit between 32% and 36%. I basically check it every once in a while throughout the day and before and after I sleep. I usually check any stretch goal page like this if it's a project that interests me, like a Kickstarter-type campaign for a new video game or movie sequel that I want to see come into fruition. In BNS' case, I've been wanting these Carnival-themed cosmetics for a long while now, and it's right at the $400K stretch goal mark. A lot of other people really want the Yunma Fei outfit and hair items, and I wouldn't mind them either. As for the items from the initial "investment", I like them. This whole campaign making me eligible for MORE rewards from that investment is a real treat, I thought. When it comes to the outfits in-between the initial investment and the next two NEW outfits, though... I feel like those old outfits being plugged into the stretch goals that are before the new ones are virtual walls for what I want. Sure, there are some people who actually want these re-released, but some of us have already acquired these the first time around. Spring Breeze is popular and a lot of people still want it, so there's that, at least.   The problem is this: If you only allow for the initial investment of this bundle to be purchased ONCE per account, it could seriously impede progress toward the $400k goal and the mysterious prizes beyond that.   The Yunma Fei and Carnival outfit sets are currently depending on the BNS community, as a whole, to fund enough money to make it to these goals, but there are only so many people who play the game right now, with only so much money, aside from "whales", and generous people who actually buy another bundle to send to friends as "gifts". Granted, the community IS large, but is this event including enough people/accounts to make it to such goals? So far, we all get the initial outfit and adornment, and the old Yellow Bruce Lee outfit that always shows up in the marketplace for a few hundred gold but rarely ever sells, along with the light grey and pink school uniform. If the goal is still holding steady between the 32% and 36% area, where it has slowed down for a while now, I'm hoping we can somehow make it to at least $400k at some point, BEFORE this campaign's event ends.   Otherwise, I'm alternatively hoping you guys will come up with a different way for us to still be able to get those outfits and adornments, if we do not make it to the $400k stretch goal.   TLDR: $400k, as it stands, might be asking for too much money from a limited pool of people in the community who are only allowed to buy this bundle once per account. New players, however many start playing BNS during this event period, can potentially help with this campaign, but only if they want to purchase the bundle too.