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Return Player looking for advice,

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Thinking about returning and wanted to no a couple of things about PvE , i do not care about PvP i will check that out myself.


Whats the best in terms of Dps now , i have been told there is a form of DPS meter now in game so can someone tell me without any trolling.

How is the grind now after you finish the story , I.E for Hongmoon levels and weapon grinds etc.

What is a good server for a english speaking player with a good community,If so whats the best faction for that server.


Thanks in advance.

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I am not trolling or smth.


There are 2 games that in my opinion shouldnt be considered by those looking for PvE only.  Aion and Blade and Soul.

These two games emphisize PvP more than other games, so my sugestion is to look for alternatives.

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I said i didn't care about pvp i would check that out myself, I guess i worded it wrong , I still PvP i was just saying i can check that myself.

Just wanted a fast response on the pve aspect of the game but its fine i can also check that myself,

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Not much DPS difference between class so you play what ever you like but FM are still considered one of the top dps.

you get DPS meter for hard mode dungeons, mushin towers and raids but not everywhere.

depending on what you want you might end up grinding forever. but if your looking to be average, its not bad. 4~7 instance a day with little peach farming.

HM level gives you stat points instead of  skill points so its not as important but HM 10 is where you want to be if you want decent dps point along with around 100k HP.

just about all mats for legendary stage 1 are given by the time you finish main quest. but you might end up with 3 gem slots so I'll save mats till I have everything for maybe up to stage 5 or 6. or you can hold off until next update, since we are to get stage 6 legendary for free by finishing main quest(far as i know this is not confirmed).

I don't know about servers but ive heard that mushin is one of the biggest.

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