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Just give us better ways to farm Evolved Stones!

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The real problem here are the evolved stones. . . How we suppose to farm that horrendous amount of items? 4k to 5k is just insane when the ssp battle phase only give us 1-2 once or twice at day. . . If the other faction either decide to fight or help for it.

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Agreed lol.

Taken from reddit this is technically where you can farm them:

Misty Woods

  • Sapphire & Vermillion Terror
  • Blackwyrm


  • Baylee & Big Bad Beetle Boss (BBBB) If I remember correctly it's not a RNG drop but fixed between 1-4

Plog Sanctum

  • Turtle
  • Thrasher
  • Thunder Dragon
  • And that other guy that no one spawns

Zaiwei Ruins

  • All 4 bosses + Bonus Boss

Soulstone Plains

  • Combine Defense And Offense Captain Badges

Give or take it's all RNG and the drop rates them selves are garbage.


Since they will be removing blackwyrm....there goes one source. Z Ruins - been said hundreds of times that no one does it anymore, same with beastbog & plog sanctum. We really need a better, more consistent source for them that is not trove.

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Yunsang looks promising as an Evolved Stone dropper. No need to add 10- or 100-bundle. Just make him drop one stone per run. 25 runs and you have enough for one oil.


Tower of Infinity's reward boxes should have a chance to drop moonstone/evolved stone too. Maybe at Lootbox stage 5-6, equal to floor 61+


Daily Challenges reward.


6v6 loot boxes.

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