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Rest in peace 6v6

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Well, I know what's officially going to be considered dead content from now on: Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley.


The new patch coming tomorrow is, for sure, going to be the last nail in the coffin. In fact, I think it's been dead for a long while by now. The issue with Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley (Which'll just be refereed to as 6v6 from this point on), is its complete and utter dependence on gear. Gear along carries, and it carries the hardest in these modes. Team composition plus the insane gear will be the thing that affects the match, not skills, not intelligence, not strategy. And let's say for the sake of the argument that both teams have a balanced out team with one thousand attack power for each member, and around 150,000 HP with all the max gear. Tell me, what are the odds of that happening? Let's try, .0000001% chance in PUG. Unfortunately, nothing is ever going to revitalize this mode, it's dead. 


Why is it dead? Because no one does actual PVP in 6v6, they mostly just PVE their opponents until dead. No one uses galaxy weapons in 6v6, everyone uses Raven weapons. PVE gear is far better for this mode than PVP gear. On top of that, the imbalances between the classes are at their peak when it comes to this game mode. Ever tried to kill a summoner before in this mode, or got spun to death by a destroyer. or maybe even had a sin hold a single point all by themselves? It's ultimately just a flat out shame that this mode is so cancerous. Because the majority of it all comes down to this: Who has the better gear and the better team composition?


If the answer isn't you, then AFK and wait for it to be over. (Or do what I do and try anyway even though you'll ultimately end up feeding the enemy team, because it doesn't even matter).

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PvP without equalized gear, like the arena, will always be garbage and self-destructive. New players have no chance to do anything in there if they are lucky enough to not get kicked in the lobby so they don't even bother and old players stop playing pvp/quit the game so with no new blood coming in, because it's pointless, you're gonna have people just do it for the rewards, as there is 0 point in even trying to do anything else. You have the same 100 people or so in there, nobody else cares.


Western MMOs have finally realized the self-defeating cycle of PvP gear so more and more are just abandoning it, normalizing stats and giving PvE rewards from PvP. The size of the PvP community, those that PvP for the sake of PvP and not the rewards is too small to sustain itself.

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6 vs 6 is a cluster ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ if I have ever seen it. I decided for shits and giggles to try it again tonight as i'm bound and determined to get the clan uniform finally. But first match despite us all being high baleful / seraph and pvp shield and specked def were getting slaughtered by two ravens on the other side. I had a raven FM one shot my cat.. 111K hp.. 1 shot. I have nearly 900 AP and I didn't do 1% damage to this FM but he wrecked me. At that point I just said ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ it.. afk'd at the top and watched arrow. 


Tried again.. 10 minutes in and no PT i went and did dailies


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On ‎6‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 9:48 PM, DirectorTseng said:

 I had a raven FM one shot my cat.. 111K hp.. 1 shot. 

Now with the recent patch that nerfed summoner's heal, 6v6 is total crap for a summoner.  Especially vs. Raven equipped players.  Cat WILL die every time and then you. 


Not everyone likes to raid which makes it great that there are solo PVE/PVP weapon paths - but the difference in stats (elemental) is so vast and not even close to comparable.  How long will we have to wait until patch for stage 9/12 PVP to get elemental? 


It is also upsetting that to upgrade pvp weapon and shields requires you to do 6v6 at a time when Raven users dominate the battleground. 

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NCSoft doesn't care about this. If they did, they would have made it equalized stats in 6v6 last year. All they care about now is money...I really hope someone makes a private server for BNS at this point, they'd probably run it better then NCSoft ever could.

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