The release of MXM caused issues in Blade and Soul?

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After the event update, the servers were working just fine. They had some issues with them but they were fixed afterwards and everything seemed good enough.


However, 3 days ago, I started experiencing continuous lag spikes that make it extremely hard to play Blade and Soul. At first, I thought it was my internet/laptop so I tried to do everything to fix these strange lag spikes that suddenly started happening (even though I have never experienced them before).

I asked around in the game and in my clan and many people stated that there are others who are experiencing these lag spikes as well and it makes it hard for them to play the game because of the annoying delay during combat (which, in turn, makes it hard to do dungeons that require mechanics and to play as a melee class).

Many people seem to think that the release of MXM was the reason these lag spikes started happening. Both Blade and Soul and MXM are most likely connected to the same servers after all and because there are many people on both games, it's causing many people to experience lag spikes in Blade and Soul (essentially because of an overload maybe?) Also, many people experienced this after the release of MXM (Coincidence? I don't think so).


I contacted NC about this and they basically kept blaming my ping spikes on my internet/laptop even though I am 101% sure that there's nothing with them and I tried everything I can to fix it but to no avail. Did I mention that many people are having this issue too? lol


I just want to know if it's just our fault or the server's fault or...what? I have never had this issue before and I can't even finish the daily challenge only without grinding my teeth because the ping spikes and lag are just that annoying.

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