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Came back after a long time and now I'm disoriented

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Hi good people! ^-^
Well, I'll go straight to the point.

I left the game shortly after the Blackram Shipyard update. I didn't log in since then.
I logged in now after a year, I think and now I'm really disoriented. Everything seems different.

I saw there's a new weapon upgrade system but I have no clues about how it works and I'm afraid to make mistakes since it involves salvaging stuff. (*)

I don't know what dungeons should I beat to get a good new soul shield. (**)

I don't know anything about the stuff you can get now from the daily dish.
I don't know what people commonly do now in terms of missions, crafting, gold-gaining methods and dungeons.
Also, I tried going to Silverfrost and proceeding with the main quests, but some daily quests are too hard because some places are full of very strong enemies. Maybe I need to change my equipment, but then this brings me back to questions (*) and (**).
Can you please give me some advices? Thanks!

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welcome back.

First salvage your weapon. it will turn into weapon that you can upgrade according to what you have now.

I wouldn't worry about anything else including dailies and focus on finishing main quest since just about all the mats, SS, gem will be given to you for free.

after that its just dailies and upgrading gears.


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When you move from mushin tower to silverfrost during the main quest, you should received a ivory weapon. That is the new hongmoon weapon that you need to upgrade. If you already missed that quest, there is an antique transfer icon on bottom right of screen where you can salvage your siren weapon to ivory weapon.


For your current level, most of the silverfrost daily quest is impossible for you. Just keep focusing on main story quest and you will level up and get the weapon upgrades that you need. Avoid all those open world boss unless you feel like fighting them just for the challenge lol.


There are a few daily quests that are possible such as the one where you kill bugs with guns. But to activate those quests, it is quite troublesome to describe. You may want to ask someone in game to guide you.


I would say your current soulshield is good enough for your level, but personally I would farm for the Fiend soulshield as the next upgrade. If nobody queue for that dungeon anymore I guess you should just skip to yeti soulshield.

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Based on this: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/evolution-streamlining/


You might have to evolve your weapon to True Siren first, then you can salvage it. If the game doesn't let you evolve it and you're past the point in the story where the weapon would be given to you, you'll have to buy the ivorymoon weapon from the silverfrost valor stone merchant.


Just proceed with the main story and it'll bring your gear up to date. Ignore all the daily quests that involve field bosses and blue dungeons, as they're hard to solo. Also you might want to try putting your hongmoon points into offensive instead.


Daily dash stuff is mostly crafting and exchange items for endgame legendary items. You won't have an immediate use for them, but hold on to them.

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Is it possible the item is greyed out because it has been appearance-remodelled? Try after removing the weapon skin. ^_^


You soulshield is actually strong enough to complete the story with (I did so on an alt with the Mushin floor 1-7 set, which is lower than floor 8 or your BSH set), and the story line will provide almost anything else for a good start (gems, pet aura, weapon upgrade materials, Lucent accessories, basic Soul).


Next step would be to get pinnacle accessories from Masts, Asura, Gloomdross, to get either Asura or midnight (from MSP) soulshield set and to upgrade your weapon to legendary. Then you are set up nicely to go for Ebondrake Citadel + Desolate Tomb for soul shields and legendary ring plus necklace. You can also farm legendary SS at Midnight Skypetal Plains (MSP) and do the weekly Dawn of Khanda Vihar quest.


But definitely complete the story line first, also the optional side campaign for Khanda Vihar. That will be the fastest way back into things. ^_^


Oh and you can get a 28 AP diamond from Tower of Infinity, that's well worth it.

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If the game lets you upgrade to Awakened Oathbreaker, then yes, upgrade it to that one instead. I don't really remember how Siren weapons evolved lol.  Also if you want to keep your weapon skin, you can remove it and get the weapon back to reskin your new weapon.

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