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I just got to level 45 and i went to the training room (pressing F12) to do the last 4 training quests. On both the skill sets, shadow and frost, i can't do the "enchance party - soulburn" one. The game tells me to double tab in order to proc the soulburn, but the game always says im doing the combo the wrong way in the second tab. Am i doing something wrong or is it bugged?



Help i am really tilted.

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can you provide a screenshot? i believe there is usually a task description somewhere on the top right where you're told how exactly you're supposed to perform the skill in order for it to be effective. perhaps you need to time it the right way? timing was important while i was training for combos with my BM and i always kinda ignored the task description and wondered why the combo was failing when i was doing all the right steps, and it turned out that i did everything right, i just had to time it correctly. maybe that's the case with you as well. if you are still confused, i will upload a screenshot the next time i play.

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