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Des vs BD

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 While i admire the effort put into those comparison screens, they are pointless because someone can manipulate as much as he wants to prove his own point. That's why i refer to tournaments as my argument, we have no control over there. Also there is something called common sense, which should not be denied, because it's originated from experiences of too many people. Claims that are made via '' my own friend '' '' my own alliance '' '' my des does more damage than my xxx '' etc, can just not be taken seriously. Things are changing often, yes. But, things i state have been current for more than a year, which don't need unreliable claimer-made screenshots or videos, because we see those happening everywhere, we experience them with our own eyes, not when we are trying to prove our own point.

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You are talking about two characteristic skills of destroyer. Skills that make up a destroyer, other than a big axe. Two skills that come in mind when someone says '' destroyer '' or '' blade dancer '

There is none. In every aspect other than equalized arena Destroyers were, are, and will be the joke class of the game efficiency-wise. They will briefly peak at Mediocre when VT comes out, but a

Let me guess ... you are a blade dancer ?  Without animation cancel ? Destroyer is a walking training dummy without lmb+rmb animation cancel. Better grab ? What made you think destroyer has bette

This reply comes from an outdated destroyer that just came back before silverfrost update 5 days ago to the game. Where I queud for arena, got to fight 1 assassin, 3 blade dancers and 1 BM. Won them all, and defeated the blade dancers. First two BDs went easy in my PoV. Third one was rough, but managed to 2/0 him.


You disappoint me. Currently best 1vs1 player is a destroyer.

Destroyer can outclass any class when know how to play.

The key:

Use Hurricane for defense if you get to fight a class like a warlock, but mainly always have hurricane spec. for parry attacks.

- FURY is very important. When you fight a summoner you can benefit from 1vs1 them using fury for damage, but you will want to fight almost all the time for all classes using t2 fury (defense increase, escape from stun/knock) this way, you don't use fury as damage booster but as another escape every 45 seconds.


Shield SKILL got a massive buff and I've used it recently, it's of the best tools i've seen so far. You wear it and you press F and will act just as the self freezing skill of KFM or FM, Perfect for timing things and avoiding strong attacks


Stomp of course cant say a thing about this skill. Is amazing when avoiding stun and knockdown. Most of the times enemy sees this and they try to grab you, you can use that as a timing advantage.


I personally rather using Z kick than the pulling version.


Scorching strike is of the best counters. NOTE many know you will use it, so I most of the times either use it super fast, or wait for enemy to iframe because they know ill cast it, and then perform it.


RAM has other paths but I personally like ram to be in it's standard form as joint attack and stun chaining skill



If you do your skill rotation well you will never run out of scape or attack.

If you don't have experience enough to perform these, well will be hard.


Additional iframes:

In case you don't know, TYPHOON (your q) has three versions, all of them mostly useless except the second one.

- Good for pve solo 

- Beast in 6vs6

- It doesn't say in it's description but it always had 1 iframe within the first spin 

- Spammeable and you can't be knockdown/stunned/dazed/grabbed until you end the cast. The only thing that can stop it it's freezing)

This is another iframe you can get in case you don't know, I use typhoon iframe in boss mechanics and sometimes pvp to avoid being hit, it works perfect.


-All iframes:

Soaring strike (longest iframe maybe)

Typhoon tier 2

Ram (if spec I think tier 3, but has disadvantages) I don't use it tbh.

Stone shield t2 special new ability

FURY (probably equal iframe as soaring strike, if you instantly use fury and you DONT move, you let your character scream, until you end screaming the iframe stops, but while doing it (which lasts like 1.5 seconds) you're inmmune to all, if you move or attack it disappears unless youre using tier 3 form but has disadvantages since you are inmmune to only 5 attacks)

And of course backdash.


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  1. -Des vs. BD
  2. -giant vs. mini,
  3. -axe vs. sword,
  4. -clunky mobile vs. very mobile
  5. -ice sheath(iron fortress) vs. short party protection,
  6. -benefit of a Des? Rescue/protect near-dead member regenerate chi(right click on person in chi regeneration) or rescue, no1 gives a **** in dungeons so rarely see that happening.
  • *grabed a near-dead person before in DT +ss iframed a red aoe, 2(hop) iframed wave2, 3rd aoe only hit destoyer, near-dead member did not die* much laughs. This was before dark origin update so not sure if it still works.
  • pvp...in different hands you get different results, ranking is just one person who likes playing that class and wants to get noticed for his/her skills, doesn't mean there is no one that can play better on either Des/BD that can outplay that top ranked player. -9000 pvp expertise, but feels pretty decent on both classes in this section, group vs. single maybe?


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BD should have been designed to be inferior to Des in every way: slow, clumsy, and weaker damage. Des is more physically imposing and has longer strides, plus the axe shouldn't = clumsy and weak, in fact the axe isn't less mobile than a sword. However, an axe deals both blunt and cutting damage like a sword does, and apparently can be used to stab in this game.


To put shortly, the physical inferiority of the lyn race should make them slower, less damaging, and less agile than a Des, which has longer legs for more motion, a stronger weapon, and a stronger body. 


In any normal fight, giving basically a kid a sword, and having them fight a body builder with a pole axe will never end well for the kid. One hit is all it takes, that and it's not hard to simply swing the axe at waiste height to decapitate such an opponent. Which is part of the reason why I feel the Lyn classes should be a lot weaker than they are now.

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