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'Advance to start' from premium daily dash.

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The pouches are a great reward if you are HM6, and pretty useless at HM12.


I guess that's where their miscalculation came from, I am sure they believed that exp pouches were a great treat.


Of course it's hard to find something that everyone likes, with maybe the exception of venture tokens.


Event currency is an obvious choice I guess. Or some of the previous treasure trove boxes...



By the way I got 2 times double the reward (joy... =_=) and once the surprise prize (real joy! ^_^) so far, not a single advance to start. It's just RNG, no worries, nothing's rigged.

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I got like 3 silky hairs, maybe if there was a way to transform the unused once into 3 á 4 solar energy. And change the hair (end round) into 10 solar energy? Would be a lot nicer especially for the new players. 

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