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Soul badge event

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Decide your build first :D 60% of the badges are pure crap and not even worth buying or getting at all. For fire you should use blue/green, and for frost build purple and gold, thats your ultimate combo for both builds. Everything else is just pure crap :D

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2 hours ago, NightFer said:

so pretty much for frost you go blue+gold

Nah, no. You go green+blue. The one from F20 is useless. For ice build it's not even neccessary to think about it because the green one (snowball decreases cold snap cd) is the only one what can be fused with cold snap badge and this is the must have for ice build. Snowball badge is better anyway.

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11 hours ago, NightFer said:

The one from mushin tower. But now that you mention it, purples are not fusable atm, so pretty much for frost you go blue+gold. Every other combination is just useless

No, what are you talking about? Frost go blue+green. That's not even up to debate.


At thread, for fire, get green from event. And farm for purple since you'll need that later on.



For frost i think you should get green first because it'll be even harder to get it if you wait any longer, then get blue. And fuse them when we get that patch. Frost is not playable without those.

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For Ice build I'm using:

Soul Badge: Blue - Magnum Soul badge - 6 sec 300% additional attack power - for me 891AP - 35K crit dmg, with no Mangnum effect - 25K crit. dmg.

Mystic Soul Badge: Red - Revelation Mystic Badge - decrease CD on Cold Snap by 8 sec on DualDragons


I'm not using geen - Blue Moon Soul Badge (decrease CD on Cold Snap by 7 sec on Snowball), because Snowball has 36 sec. CD. Better is Revelation Mystic Badge because of lower CD on Dual Dragons. 


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