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Battleground System is broken and wrok against players

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Hello People

Really Battleground system is broken how many times 60 points was stole from players, You have said you prevent people from log off or afk but how many times it punishes player due to your unstable servers ?...  Old system was giving dc players chance to log in and get back to the battle but new system punishes them for play Battleground and clear your hard work for getting rank some how DC you or put very low player in your team and make him food for the other team, simply Battleground is waste of time, I'm not sayin that remove 60 points punishment but make it fair for people deserve it ,

* GIVE PEOPLE CHANCE TO GET BACK TO BATTLE AFTER DC LIKE OLD SYSTEM and if they did NOT get back apply the 60 points punishment on them

* MAKE Battleground BASE ON HM LVL NOT RANK BECAUSE Battleground depend on gears NOT LIKE 1v1 or 3v3


I will give an example of matches that should have made me quit Battleground

If you have similar situation screen shoot post it .



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BGs are inside job, created by the devil himself. :D

If you are not full geared, then its like fliping a coin to decide the winner for you. 

Yes, they can make it so there wont be as big diference as it is now, if they do something similar what Bizz done in WoW. (that there will be 15% power diference at max)

but they need to feed something to people that pay a lot of money or spend insane ammount of time in game, because it may suprise you, but no game runs for free. 

Its a bussines. Welcome to age of capitalism my friend. 

Ps: game itself try to make balanced teams, but if weak player wait too long, game is like "❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ it" and just throw him anywhere. any game these day work like that. And DCs? Bad luck, man up. I will pray for you next game. 

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Its no secret the battleground system is a joke. The problem is that some people who "dc" are infact just quitting as they see their opponents with 2 or 3 ravens against their own team with 700ish AP. Take into account that some people only even enter for the weekly quest that FORCES them to win to complete said weekly instead of just participating in 3 matches and you'll find that noone will even care about this setup. The fact that a weekly is needed in the BG only compounds the problem expecially since by changing the quest from participate to win it means people will just outright quit instead of trying. Toss in a pathetic losing reward and you get the toxic setup we have.

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