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Character Alternation Ticket

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57 minutes ago, pikapikapika said:

I want a new fresh summer look, but i do not want to lose my current awesome look.  So NC soft, can you save my current look (like weapon skins), so i can buy a make over ticket?  thanks.

already implemented (since the game came out)

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Oh. when you were referring to I don't want to lose my current look after changing appearance. People will mistakenly take that as how can I save my current appearance. What you are asking can be done. But you would have to buy another character alteration down the road and use the saved appearance. What that video shows is how to save the appearance for when you want to make a new char or revert back to old appearance. All you have to do is go to character creation and click the photo thing on the bottom, from there you navigate to the appearance tab and hover over it and press apply. Regardless, you will have to buy another alteration voucher if you decide to change back to your current appearance.

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