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Show Off your Gunner Preset

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After a couple of days working on it :)

Some really nice creations in here! *thumbs up   I'mma share mine too, although I may not be playing him at all after some recent events both ingame and in real life which kinda drive me off

I had the rifle wielding O-Ren Ishii aka Lucy Liu from Kill Bill in mind when creating her and therefore wanted to go with the short hair.. but I really like the longer one, too. Decisions! Gah! >.

Here, have the excessive montage of screenshots I took while I was testing my gunners pre-set in game XD I've had this thing on the back burner ever since I heard the class was coming out last year, lol.


Unfortunately imgur ate the quality, his skin is a bit less pale in game, and his eyes are a much more intense, burning red.



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6 hours ago, Nub69 said:

U can also tell me which hair color is the best? Have problems deciding.


I like the top two! The blonde being my favorite with her face. (I'm a little biased towards blonde though. >_>;)

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If they make Gon Gunner which I am begging for.






I really need to stay out of character customization! Which one do you guys like?

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3 hours ago, An19194 said:

so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing stupid question but how can i make preset ? can i reserve a name ?

Create a char for any class with your favourite name then leave it and wait for gunner released delete this char, wait for 5 mins then create gunner class by that name

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