1 day 9 Celestial Basin Key is it enough?

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I have been farming celestial basin chests for weeks have more then  100 chest but not enough keys.

I know purchasing with hmcoins has a limit.Is it possible to purchase many keys with Ncoins .

Event end is almost near if i wont be able to unlock those chests it going to be huge waste.

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Unfortunately the keys are limited per day, so if you have not started early buying them with HM coin or NCoin you won't be able to reach the full potential of the event.


That said, the Celestial Festival runs until June 14th, so that's two weeks equalling more than 100 keys if you also do daily challenge. But have a look into the special  boss boxes, the dried ginseng is really worth it.

You might not want to open those 100 boxes but go for the special versions instead. (-_^)

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