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The Wikia team has made some pages for the trove. Here they are.

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The Wikia team has been working on creating pages to share information about the trove. It has been a big task since there are only a few of us. This information should be useful to new players and vets alike.


Don't know what trove is? Start with the intro page.


Want a list of all the drops available from trove, along with the item quantity range and costs/item? Look no further.


Want to know what is in that crit on your alt? Check out this page listing all the known crits.


These pages aren't complete lists. If you have any of the missing information feel free to add it.


This is an example of what useful things can come out of a community-powered project that anyone can join. Want to help? All of those red links on the pages are pages that haven't been created yet. Click on any one of them and you can create and work on it! If you're interested, join out discord(https://discord.gg/YHj3heF) to chat about wiki stuff or ask editing questions.

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10 hours ago, BlueBunnay said:

In the wiki a sentence says "Treasure Trove for Spring 2017 started on May 5th, 2017"

Woops, fixed that. Thanks. Please feel free to make edits and fix stuff like that too!

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