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Thank you NCSoft

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1 hour ago, Thoron said:

i rarely ever post here, but at this point i cant deny this. i dont think this was the right call. the best call would have been to roll back the servers when the issue was found. now they are going to be giving the ppl who already got end games mats from this event a second going for free and reck the economy pretty hard. i lost faith in NC

i wanst even going to post here, but i cant help myself, dude server roll back is a great no no, can you even realise how much gold me and a lot of other players who have nothing to do with trove will lose? in my case is about almost a thousand gold. so don't ever dare to say they should roll back the server ever again.

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Wait so...


If I'm reading this correct the people that bought/used keys in that little time frame where they were available, not only get to keep everything they got from the trove but also get their keys back? Thats like almost getting double for what you paid? (not double because of the bug ofc, but still). And the people that didn't get to buy/use keys in that time frame get the short end of the stick now?


That seems like a terrible idea to split ur playerbase. Couldn't they have come up with another solution?

Maybe like giving people their keys back and giving the people unaffected by it like 30-50% extra keys on their next purchase?

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Yeah a refund seems like the best cause of action.


A rollback would be devastating. I got some rare outfit drops during that time and weapon components from the RNG dungeon boxes to upgrade my legendary weapon. Would not be happy if I had to dance with the RNG gods again for my class weapon upgrade component.


And for refunding the keys and removing the loot received from the previous key uses, how exactly would they do if players sold some of the items they received in the Marketplace or utilised the materials for upgrades (weapons, accessories, gems)?


NCSoft West did as best as they could to remedy the situation for the mistake that was made. I can't fault them for that and I believe they are doing the best they can with what options they have available. So thank you for that NCSoft West.

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16 minutes ago, xVenny said:

I'm 30 keys in and still 0 crits. Is it still bugged? I asked in faction chat soemone said they are 60 keys in and zero crits.

from reddit just now:

- 50 keys 1 crit... WTF???????????????


- I think I've done like 25 now, one crit. I really want raven feathers, but I guess one forging orb is fine. Edit: Never mind, just got three back-to-back crits.


- 25 keys, 4 meh crits. rng



seems RNGesus is not on you side, thats all....

try LOOTcifer

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well, 1st, scuse me for my english n///n , is not my native lenguaje, but i'll try to drop here my opinion...nothing more :3


Of course, is not fair, and, don't mis understand me, i'm not a free player, i play all the troves, spend my money every month in this game. but for sure, i did not buyed keys when the trove started (i was working, sadly lol)(yeah, of course all those players will be happy, thats normal) 

anyway, we are affected too, because all those players get a lot of mats for free, sacred oils, emp. charms, pets, raven feathers, orbs, costumes, premium stones, and more.... (and you can roll back to old page, and see a video for example about what they got yesterday).. so don't tell me they don't get anything ;)


*the true is that everyone deserves a compensation*  they for expend money and get a bad time without gems, and the rest... for being here watching how they get all those mats and other items, for free basically, for more than 24hrs for fix it,  and because, this was a ncsoft error, so... im surprised they didn't give a compensation for everyone.. really. Because we can answer too, hey, is not my fault also, andddd is not fair you let some players keep all the items for your mistake.

again, so sorry for my english :3 i only hope anyone can understand what i try to say lol T.T 

and for end...  if you are one of the lucky players that got double keys, think how you would feel if u aren't one of them, you will feel it's fair? be honest :>  ... (but all this doesn't matter, because in few days nobody will remember this..)


greetings <3

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5 hours ago, Shintuan said:

Trove was released but the rng was messed up to not let people get their hongmoon gems and potentially other rare mats were affected. So key selling was temporarily stopped. The people who bought keys prior to the stoppage are getting free keys equal to what they bought before and are keeping all the discounted mats they got for their previous keys. In this topic there are people who benefited greatly from this saying thanks. At the same time on the other side people are pointing out problems with how it was handled.

So which means it's not fair for people who didn't buy keys, because of that maintenance and my time zone I wasn't able to buy keys and play this trove so it's not fair

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