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Male Destroyer / Pet Location


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I was so happy to have my Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign as a pet-- until I equipped it and was immediately reminded why I didn't have a Pet Appearance in use. The worst part of being a male Destroyer is the axe overlapping the pet an annoyingly huge majority of the time. It nearly nullifies the aesthetic quality of the Pet, the Weapon Skin, and, ultimately, the Character. It's often too embarassing to show up to a highly populated area and be seen wearing such an immersion-breaking oversight.

Will there ever be an option to swap the Pet to the opposite side of the body? 
Easily negligible for most but it would definitely improve the quality of life for any Pet-owning male Destroyer.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 

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23 hours ago, Tank DT said:

Wat Destros have a cat now? So the screen art with the destro holding the cat is real? Does the Cat hammer spin counter clockwise while destro spins clockwise? I am so confused..

Uh. Not sure if you are aware that everyone gets a pet now. Pets are not a summon like the Summoner's cat. It's just a sort of decorative mini pet that floats over your shoulder and gives your character some more HP.


The problem talked about in this thread is that said pet's location, which is fixed and cannot be edited, usually clips through weapons and some large character decorations.


To the topic, as clipping goes, it's almost everywhere in smaller or bigger amounts. Even some simpler outfits like the ones you get from bamboo and blackram insignias have clipping issues here and there.

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