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Hi, I'm returning to my BD after the recent major patch and I have some Q's:


1) What's the best current lightning build? I use this, mainly because I tend to have high ping, and I like the resists and health regen ^^ Also Lightning Draw 1&2 are my only HM skills.

2) What path should I evolve my weapon? (lightning build)

3) Which badges to choose?

4) Should I just pump all my HM points into offense? If not, how should I allocate them?

5) What gems to put in weapon?

6) For SS I should aim for full MSP BD set > Raven, yes?

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1) Your Z should be self enchanting and your X and V should be damage up to be able to go to draw stance to deal damage. Your Maelstorm should be party protection.


2) Seraph increase your dps but your Baleful resets your cd, up to your choice!


3) If you have full MSP soulshield you can use Magnum soulshield, otherwise you should use Primal force. The third choice is tribute soulbadge


4.1) First prioritize getting 20points in offence

4.2) Then go for 20points on defence

4.3) At last go for the remaining points on offence


5) Whatever that gives Attack power


6) Raven soulshield is good if you have raven weapon. Otherwise MSP would be better.

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1) Here is the build I use for my BD: https://bnstree.com/skill/BD?b=1221111111121, doesnt have as many resists as yours but you can do a lot more dps. However, if u are feeling too fragile change V to stage 3, its a great resist.


2) Some people say that seraph gets better in later stages, but personally im really happy with the baleful, u get reset always even in lower stages.


3) For lightning PVE: 

           Soul badge: Magnum > Primal > Tribute

           Mystical badge: Pulse > Revelation > Transcendence


4) Allocate it as you see. I have 40 in offense and 15 in defense since I have enough gear to boost my defense stats and I can concentrate to do damage. But for pve is always good to have more in offense that in defenmse.


5) Diamond > Ruby > Amethyst > Citrine > Aquamarine > Peridot. But if one gem has more AP that another one just ignore the list xd


6) Yes, go get MSP and after getting Raven weapon get the Raven SS.

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