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Character bug or My loading screen bug!???

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my loading screen it's freeze..... I try to fix loading screen by tool in forum "bladeandsouldojo.com"  (BnS Buddy.exe) but...it's doesn't work and my internet it's not bad to play this game ... I'm very very sure about my internet 

Now...i try to add new character on none slot and when i press start on new character... it's work... i can play BnS .... But when i returned to play my regular character (problem character loading screen)... it's doesn't work my loading screen it's freeze !? What happened!? My character bug???? 

Ps. 2 day ago... I'm gonna play BnS. While loading screen. I have a quick work to do.. then i shutdown my computer while this game is running ...after that i had a problem loading screen freeze.... 

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