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Qualifying for the Blade & Soul World Championship Series

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It’s time to prepare your teams and brush up on your skills, 3v3 Season 1 starts May 3! If you’re interested in qualifying for the Blade & Soul World Championship Series you’ll need to earn Fighting Points by ranking high in both Season 1 Duel Match and Tag Match. Be sure to place as high as possible before both Arena seasons end on June 14! Team registration for the World Championship Series will open before the season ends, and will include more information on the series, Fighting Points, and future competitions.
The primary things for you to focus on now are:

  1. Perform well in 1v1 and 3v3 Season 1 to gain the most Fighting Points possible.
  2. Figure out your teams (and potential sub) for when registration opens. You will have to register with a team!

If you’d like to know more about the Blade & Soul World Championship Series there’s a
brief announcement, with more information to come when team registration opens before the end of Season 1.

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