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I started again with FM 1 week ago. I played kfm 2 years ago. I see alot of things changed. But seriously what Ncsoft wants from fm . It's really bad. Even FM pros not playing . I watch Fm pros on twitch they play bd sin or wl ? Wtf is wrong with fm. I see 2 ice skils projectile block etc. but i tried other classes ass well. Fm sucks. No real mechanics in this champion. Even 16 Level assasin have better combos or chain skills ? What happened to this class lol :D Just waste of time i think i buy 50 lvl voucher go play bm or sin and press all buttons may be i can make some combos :D 

I don't remember fm 2 years ago but it was like that all the time ? This shit needs some mechanics lol. Don't hit counter spam ice before hard cc press C.. lul boring sh1t

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Force master is still one of the top dps in pve but if you're referring to pvp then fm has never been that good or should I say it's hard to do well with them in the pvp aspect.

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It's gotten especially harder against a certain spinning class... Like honestly, this new patch has tilted the FM V BD fight completely in favor of BD, where as before, it was just hard for BD...I think.


Honestly, BD is just a hard class to kill in general, just like Destroyer. The fact that they're immune to stun and daze while spinning but they can stun you back is insanely powerful. Like it will trigger you so badly, and it's very hard to get past it. FMs have 3 options to get past it: KD Heatwave, Grip, or Frost Burst. Grip being the best of the three options, as you can instantly stun them after (assuming they popped their escape and you have dragonfrost ready). Other than that...pray to God they're stupid. 


As far as KFM and BM goes,FM has never felt stronger against those classes. Like, it's much easier to screw them over now, especially since FMs have the double escape and can dual dragon in duels now. That alone will mess up any melee's day, but the fact that BM and KFMs only reliable means of escaping it is via backstep or requires the using of a defense skill, it's really good against them. Maybe the same applies to SF but, let's be honest here, they really messed up the SF. Now they're basically PVE ranged classes who spam Ripple punch all day. 


Assassins are still cancer, and you should not expect to win against them. They will kill you.



So even though, FM have it much better than before, so does everyone else. In fact some got boosted to the point where brains are no longer necessary, just ask my WL. So it doesn't help that FM is not only a class with a higher learning curve, but now the learning curve has been dropped for most the other classes (with the exception of KFM, they're much harder to play than before). 

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They been nerfing FM over and over again. and yet its the hardest class in pvp in terms of what other classes have gotten buff 

now they even take our chill F out so we have no skills to fight against spinner class.

FM vs KFM is the worst. all they have to do is spam 1. and u can do absolutely nothing. about it.  They counter u by spamming 1 key  and just 1 stun lock 3rf and u are dead. its stupid for FM to pvp now. i don't know what is nsoft thinking. 

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23 hours ago, Hinu said:



My only problem with Frost Tornado is that it's animation is slow, "Casts Instantly" is misleading (as for many other FM skills) , the KFM can see it coming from a mile away and they have the ability to cancel using their (1) block skill(s) and instantly close the gap with a knockdown followed by either soaring falcon , a stun or Q/E (if u hit into that Q/E  then 100% agility is activated). 


My point being is that , yes KFM is hard to play now but Vs FM (especially with the stupid high ping we all have on NA/EU servers) it's very hard to react to their counter attacks once they see that we use a skill because most KFMs know that some FM skills activate a global cool down, thus if we literally mess up once it's the end of that FMs HP (having 2 escapes sometimes is meaningless if you use the wrong skill at the wrong time with classes like BM KFM BD Destroyer). 

I just wished we didn't have so many skills that activated global cool downs and that our Impact (1) that counters melee attacks penetrated parry, I can't tell you the amount of times I got parry stunned from simply using Impact to protect myself , sigh.

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Force Master was good at max lvl 45 times, but after this NC$oft renamed class into Nerf Master, and it became trash tier in pvp, and stay like this. There was always less force masters in gold or above rank in 1vs1 than any other class, even if FM is probably most played class, at least on EU, but i think NA is similar. 


There is a small light at the end of the tunnel, and i mean those changes from KR:


April 27, 2017

  • Backstep M3
    • Cooldown decreased to 12 sec from 36 sec
    • Cooldown set to 36 sec when used while inflicted by stun, daze, knockdown, unconscious
  • Blaze Step, Frost Step
    • Cooldown decreased to 12 sec from 16 sec
  • Force Blast
    • Cooldown decreased to 24 sec from 36 sec


May 11, 2017

Impact HM M1

  • Added 'Penetrates deflect'


Hope we will get them ASAP, cause they need to make equal skills before World Championship with all regions.

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about that...

Impact does not penetrates deflect , or at least for what I remember some of my matches vs BD I still got stunned using only impact...


From Bns Tree its:

Force Master

  • Impact HM M1
    • Added 'Penetrates deflect'



But here from our official patch note:

Impact (1)

  • Hongmoon Secret Technique Impact (Stage 1) now pierces Parry.
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FM is weak as all Hell. I want my Frost and Fire Fury back already. They were fun to use in PVE and PVP alike, plus it let us cut through those stupid 5 second 5 hit resist all skills that healed 5~15% HP depending on the class.


Plus the fight against BDs has never been more cancerous. Not only did they remove the pierce parry effect from DragonFrost and DragonBlaze, which means we can get parried by using those now (not much of a big issue anyway since we rarely get to use them <.<)


As for KFM:

They get two resist skills that heals them, gives them increased movement speed if hit into, lasts for a full second after the cast (which is plenty of time for them to CC you or score damage), and it prompts a stun skill that'll stay prompted for almost a full second after that, and keep you stunned long enough for them to begin a long tech chase combos involving 3 air combos (the amount of time required to set this up is .1 seconds, in case you were wondering.) 


Then we have their next iframe that instantly closes the gap, and prompts an air combo. It also removes any and all slowness effects when they use it. On top of that, it makes for a perfect segway into the previous iframe mentioned.


Next is their backstep, which literally functions like the first iframe mentioned, only without the resist for 1 second after cast. But you know the best part about this one? You can follow up with a KD by default. You have to be complete and utter trash to mess this one up. 


Their next iframe will snare you no matter where you are on the map, while removing any snare effect from them. It also functions as a mini frost sheath, so if you hit into it, they're immune for 3 seconds, plus they regen focus.


They get another iframe from their counter, and combined with all the other iframes mentioned above, can make for the worst PVP experience of your life. 


Oh, but what about guard break you say? If you land it. If you land the guard break, which is available every 30 seconds (which is 6 seconds shorter than their escape btw). Plus if they use their Frost Guard and then hit RMB, it doesn't matter anyway because you can always just hit Q or E and boom! Insta win. Your opponent can either hit into the iframe or get CCed.


And the latest move they've been doing is using Ice Guard in conjunction with Rising Dragon or Tremor. The CC effect from both lasts 2~3 seconds, which is just as long as the Frost Guard is active and ready to sheath the KFM. So even if someone uses their tab at this time, the KFM won't get any CC applied, will still be in your face ready to throw out another side step, and your tab would have gone to waste. The best part is that Frost Guard is on a 24 second CD, meaning that it'll always be up before your tab is so they can abuse it to Hell.



Any KFM who knows this can, and will, dominate the fight against FMs without ever really trying. Oh, but don't worry, FMs have one skill that'll disable their block no matter what, never mind the fact that it's basically useless since it's so easy to dodge. 


But what about grab, you say? Well, grab only works if they don't have Emit Frost to use against you, which freezes you in place and allows them to easily use Q and E. The real problem here is catching a KFM with grip, because they'll be iframing half the match, or might just waste tab on your grip if you finally do get them, and go for another CC cycle that'll result in your death.





But don't worry, KFM is a balanced and healthy class for the game.

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This is such a biased thread, although fm was weak before with the new skill changes fm is strong if played right. This post highlighting how "OP" kfm is so biased that its ridiculous.


First of all the q/e only gives kfm agility stacks and triple kick IF you hit into it. Hitting into kfm q/e is a MISTAKE on fms part, high tier fms rarely ever hit into kfm q/e and if they do they will q/e or ice sheath, etc. to avoid the triple kick stun.


Next is the backstep or ss. Kfm backstep procs a knockdown. However, lets not forget that fm has sheath, q/e, impact and frost armor. These are defensive options, as for offensive ways to counter this knockdown fm can actually catch a kfm right after their backstep or even during the knockdown animation with the 3 second stun as kfm has no iframe after the backstep animation ends.


Now onto that 3 sec stun with a 24 second cooldown. As long as you land this stun it is a full fm combo that does a lot of damage. Even if this stun is tabbed the fm can stall until it is up again for a full combo as the kfm tab won't be up.


As for fm tab not hitting due to ice guard. Lets be real here, no good fm stays within 3m of a kfm when the kfm is cc'd. Which means kfm tab is absolutely worthless as a daze. Also in most cases ice guard is rarely used like this as clearing frost stacks and roots are more important.


Now onto the point about hitting into counters. Don't hit into counters. I'm sorry but you cant just spam. No class can just spam vs kfm and win.



Kfm had the advantage before, however, now it is most definitely a skill based matchup. In fact I would say that it is now more in favor of fm due to their 24sec stun.

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Honestly FM vs KFM is kinda 50-50 for me.

Considering all the abilities both have to use & bait its a matter of reaction & good choices.


Only op thing is the common 0.5sec + iframes the kfm have either his dashes. I mean which good fm gives a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ now about q e, just don't hit into it 1sec after and you're always fine.

But for every fm I watch it happens a lot to waste your grab or ur stun on their iframes. Since their gameplay is to move arround and half of their dashes are iframes...

Now only broken thing right now is the ice range of the kfm sheath. which will obviously get nerfed next patch thankfully.


But overall FM vs KFM is a fun & skill based match, way more entertaining than fm vs bd or wl...

Same for sins altho they have the upper hand, maybe 60% or 70% in their favor especially if they have good ping and you haven't and if you haven't all of your HM skills also.

Every class is in absolute need of hm skills vs assa anyway or u just can't have an opener or a chance to retaliate.

Just learn the basic : always keep one tab for their after web stun. Or u can just afk cry.

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12 hours ago, Suna said:

Top eu players have also rated FM is the most op class right now after warlock if anybody interested. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bg3R5NJt9mfIkCIQcNy7pu8rSLT4dJBnPKWeUlML00w/edit#gid=0

Interesting how fm is supposedly so op yet its pretty much is always doing horribly in the ranks in EVERY region and in every patch even though its the first or 2nd most played class in every region .You would think that a class so op people would use it in the recent tourny to get that price money, yet i couldn't see a single fm in top 3 teams in  EU or NA (The only other class that got that treatment was sf, pure coincidence i'm sure:^) )

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EU players rating doesn't mean much tho.

Its the most op but the most difficult class to play, which means if you're playing FM good then as a result you're strong and good.

But does that make you op ?


People should make the difference between op and strong. FM has always been strong, but to say that its an op class like a wl who just requires to do one untabable combo to almost win ? nope.

High ranked FM master their class OF COURSE they gonna be strong, and yet there's not much High ranked FM even when its one the most played class. So can we say its op right now ?



Now in korea its not the same version but we're kinda even in updates and when you see the top full of sin and wl and that the first rank fm was at top 25 & top 30, you wonder who is right.

I asked jae to show us the ranking of korea : many many many assassins

then top wls and many BD and kfm surprising huh ? yet everyone here says they are weak but for me kfm is like FM hard to play & master but they are less harder to master than FM.

Here's the number of classes on top 50 korea.


Assassin 11

Bladecancer 8


Warlock 4 But almost all on top 10 except one at top 40

Destroyer 4

Summoner 3

Blademaster 3

Soul fighter 2

Forcemaster 2

And we can add than either FM or BM aren't at high places. top 25 for best fm and top 29 for best BM.

Gonna post pics to see by yourself the date (arround June) almost fits the patch we're in right now (the patch with fm buffs).




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5 hours ago, Captain WeebM@ster said:

Interesting how fm is supposedly so op yet its pretty much is always doing horribly in the ranks in EVERY region and in every patch even though its the first or 2nd most played class in every region .You would think that a class so op people would use it in the recent tourny to get that price money, yet i couldn't see a single fm in top 3 teams in  EU or NA (The only other class that got that treatment was sf, pure coincidence i'm sure:^) )

I have not rated these. These are just players personal opinions about classes. fm popularity also not tell anything because 95% players in this game play only pve. And this is 1v1 not 3v3. 3v3 tierlist is different than 1v1.

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On EU fm is not even ranked that badly.


EDIT: since im ingame now

Rank 2, 6, 9, 11, 39 and 49 are FMs on EU as of right now (rank2 and 6 are the same player, i think the other once are unique but i´m not sure)

Sins are rank 26, 29, 32, 38, 42, 44 and 45 (rank 29 and 45 same player and rank 42 and 32 as well)

There is also 1 more plat FM than sins right now.


Yet, sin is broken and FM is still the weakest class in existence. Not like that sais too much since if chloro quit the game it would look quite different all of a sudden when you look at top 50 all rankings. Still... almost every single player that actually makes it to top50 would rank FM as either best tier or second best tier regardless (i think) so who cares. And those who are not are probably playing only one class that does very well against it, or there are no good fms around.

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On 7/20/2017 at 2:39 AM, ARC-1276 said:

Assassins are broken. There's always been three classes that seemed to have it best: Summoner, Assassin, Blade Dancer. 


Can't wait for a day where that changes.

Except Warlock is stronger than all three of those, BM had quite it's run in the OP land sunshine with pre nerf dragontongue, destroyer has always been stupidly strong in arena due to having double escapes and near cc immunity from spin, and FM took like a million nerfs before people stopped winning tournaments with them.  You are conveniently ignoring quite a lot there..

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On 7/21/2017 at 11:50 PM, XianRen said:

Except Warlock is stronger than all three of those, BM had quite it's run in the OP land sunshine with pre nerf dragontongue, destroyer has always been stupidly strong in arena due to having double escapes and near cc immunity from spin, and FM took like a million nerfs before people stopped winning tournaments with them.  You are conveniently ignoring quite a lot there..

about that...i am the only one finding it stupid to just nerf a class only because people are winning tournaments playing it? wth, i mean....they should start nerfing bd and assassins now, right, since that's the new damn normal?

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