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where are the unconscious skills?

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On 2017-5-2 at 5:37 PM, Moonstruck said:

The loading screen actually says that assassin can save unconscious allies, no ?

Isnt that a Lotus of Escape currently. 

Move to the Lotus of Escape on using Escape Call

Heals the user 1% of their health on using Escape Call

Generates 3 focus on using Escape Call

User resists damage and status effects during travel

User resists damage and status effects for 1 sec after use

Can be used while inflicted by stun, daze, grab, phantom grip, grapple

Cooldown increases by 15 sec on using Escape Call while inflicted by stun, daze, grab, phantom grip, grapple


Pulls near death, meditating party members <-----


Reduces meditation time by 6 sec

Cooldown starts on using Escape Call

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