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Anyone Here in the 60+ Range of ToI and noticing its starting to get frustrating?


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A day after patch, once i finally got a little use to how the change in skills worked, i decided to take a stab at ToI. First run didnt prove to be much but i hit 1 floor higher then i ever did. So i decided to try it again. Was an amazing run, landing me on Floor 72 which put me at rank 12. Since then i havent passed floor 70. Went from rank 12 to now current rank 29. Any and every bot i face past floor 60 seems to go full insane and is either so short on CD's (seen some backsteps as short as 4 seconds on ranged), tab escapes as short as 5 seconds and CC's with some abilities being able to be used 3-4 times in a row. 


Now before anyone says git-gud, i do understand that CD's are to be shortened the higher you go, but honestly how can you expect someone to deal with a sin thats untargetable for a solid 20 seconds? BD's that are immune to 9 out of 10 hits you land on them, and SF's and KFM's that just dodge everything leaving you with no CD's to do a damn thing. While i understand this has been a topic that has since been buried, but honestly do we really need bots that hard pre-floor 90?


Also if you take a look at the current ranking. Des and KFM are the only 2 classes that havent broken the floor 90 zone. With KFM already at floor 89 and Des bring up the rear at floor 86. 


How the bot straight cheats players should be fixed, theres no need to allow them to do the things they do.  I would be perfectly fine with them acting this way post floor 90 but under that, just why?

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