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Earrings (immortality)

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I would do this way.


neck > bracelet > belt > ring


Belt gives you alot of defense and hp with hp recovery + some damage reduction. You will survive longer if you manage to take some hits from the bosses. Here, I refer to legendary ring from EC, the stats is not really that great even at stage 10 and you will replace with elemental ring from BT in the end. 


I doubt anyone would get immortality because it is purely for openWorld PVP in SSP. In fact, you would want to get elemental earring from BT in the end for a lot more damage. 

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Immortality Earring is for SSP Farming, it's not for PvP. Unlike other regions we do not have like Moonstone chests and stuff in SSP as a reward of exchange with Prestige Points. That's why This Earring is super Useless in EU/NA, But once they consider adding those to SSP, It becomes useful. and more people would want them. And since Moonstone chests cost high amount of Prestige Points, you need Earring + Charm + Max Rank to be able to buy.

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