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A Few Questions about Soulshield and Mystic Badge


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Heyho, im a bit confused what soulshield im aim for and atleast which mystic badge i should get.

Im a Bm with 5 pieces MSP and 3 pieces tomb, so is it worth to go 8 set MSP since they got a slice buff? or should i stick to my 5 MSP/ 3 DT to that point im able to get the BT stuff.... maybe Switch 3 DT to that Sanctum one???

And i dont know which Mystic badge i should get, that Pulse one for 60 raven feathers seems to bo very strong and then there is that five point strike thingy  badge for 60 flowers, that procs finesse effect but what is that proc doing ??


Sry for my english ist not my native language

Best regards

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