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bns economy is dying

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Its a huge mistake for the developer making most of the items untradable like elysian crystal, moonstone crystal. Trading is a huge attraction and unique only to online mmo, why not turn BnS into paid single player games when all item is untradable? successful mmo like runescape, maplestory both encourage trading in game but this game is opposite of them. 


Similar mistake did from bns is steam dota2. Last time the trading economy uses primarily key system for trading (key is main currency for trading each worth $2). Like this rare item costs $100, I would trade 50 keys for that rare item. What steam did was, they removed the key system from the game and made "all" in-game dropped items into untradable. Now economy in dota 2 is completely dead. And bns moving towards that direction.


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1 hour ago, chewz said:

elysian crystal, moonstone crystal

They increased drop rate of these. Now you have a good chances to get ms/ss/elysian crystal from dailies. That's why untradable, to not drop prices on tradabe versions.

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its already died... they did this changes only for earning more money.   now they can put bundles with 100 moonstones in the market..   now people will buy more gold because the tradable items have very low chance and their price will rise..  perfect.  they killed la2 now they want to kill this project to. 

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