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Rare Outfits Appear as HongMoon Uniform When Worn??

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Hello! I am recently coming back to Blade&Soul after a fairly long hiatus. I had originally purchased the Masters Pack when the game was still in beta, and as such had the unique High Noon outfit, and several others I had bought with the extra Ncoin the pack gave me.


When I attempt to wear any of my unique outfits however, they all just look like the regular old Hongmoon Uniform when I have them on, and head accessories do not even seem to appear! The affected items so far are: High Noon, My Angel, Regium Corvus, and Transcendence. I will likely find more that do not show on my body as they should, but these are ones I have tested so far.


If anyone can tell me what is possibly going on it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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The problem seems to have corrected itself somehow. Upon logging out, and back in again some time later I can now equip all of my outfits and see them as they were meant to appear. Not sure what caused this error, but happy it resolved itself. :)

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