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Endgame help please?

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I just got to endgame on my sin im lvl 50 hm 6 atm and I'm not really sure what im supposed to be doing...

what is my goal for my weapon and accessories? what ways can I make gold after dailies? what is the best way to increase ap?


can someone plz give me a layout or something of what I should be doing or if someone can link me a guide that would be helpful it is very much appreciated 

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For now:

Get a clan.


Weapon to True ivory stage 10, then go for baleful stage 6.

Accessories: get the pinnacle ones from shattered masts, sogun's lament and gloomdross.

Soul shields: keep the flowers you get from dailies and do MSP and dawn of khandar vihar for MSP legendary soul shields. Meanwhile use 12468 asura and 357 be ido (or the same combi from cita and tomb). You may want to upgrade your pet in the meantime.


Do your dailies from dungeons for now. Dungeons like sogun lament gives around 10g depending of you have premium. You can also farm peaches in celestial basin (should be easy for a sin) for mats for your upgrades.


Best way is to just play and grind. This is a MMORPG after all.


End game: legendary neck and belt from desolate tomb and naryu foundry respectively. Legendary bracelet too. Legendary elemental ring from BT and of course BT soul shields and weapon.

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