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Allow Member Kick in Sanctum parties

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after introduction of the normal mode, i am perfectly fine with carrying a couple lowbies in most dungeons including Foundry.  However, kicking should still be allowed in Sanctum imo due to its aq requirement.  Many shameless noobs just join the party and refuse to leave, and it makes Sanctum party forming very difficult.


Here is why i can no longer take it and decide to post on the forum: today after entering the Sanctum with a HM9 with 600ap, the guy started to flashing his 10x achievement, and nagged everyone else to show their achievements.  I mean this is truly disgusting: this guy forced 10 different parties to carry him, and kept bragging about it, and had no decency at all.  Only if i could pk him, i would punch his brain out.


Also, due to its flawed design, only a strong BM can tank Sanctum ( it is the common perception although i done sanctum without a BM before ), so lets say a party gets filled with 6 players without the tank, it is always the best player who will drop the party first, and bad players never leave.  So basically unless you get a good bm on the first try (very low chance), the party forming process is a fail.  Therefore under the current system, unless you are a good BM, you cannot start a party.

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