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Hongmoon skill

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You can see them in the skill panel as a blue or red book icon on top of the skill that can be upgraded to Hongmoon.

Blue books will be skill your already have, so it seems you can't compare to the 'non-hongmoon version' of that skill. Red books will be the HMskills you don't have and you can compare the normal skill wiht the HMskill mousing over the book and the skill.

Hongmoon level now gives you points that can be distributed in defense or attack (you can see them in character panel).

Now, upon reaching 50lvl you'll have all skill avalible, and no points needed to spend on them. So whenever you unlock a hongmoon skill, it will be applied without a cost.

The only ''problem'' with the new system is that you can't use skills that have a diferent base element. So some skill will be only usable depending on the element you chose to use.

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