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LF a raid group and a clan that makes BT runs


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Hi guys,


I am looking for a raid group and also a clan that is highly active because I want to do BT runs in order to get the end game content and help the clannies when they need my help.

High active mostly during night times (most of the time I am also active during the day). About the mechs I know them I just need a clan with whom I can reach my high ends. ITs a game that I like a lot and I am sad that I can't find a group or a high active clan with whom I can go in BT or do other dungeons. My list of characters are as follows:



Destroyer: HM12, 713 AP (with this new HM buff my ap is 890), legendary neck and ring, Ballefull stage 7



The server group that I am in are as follows: Yehara, Hajoon, Onmyung. If you want to contact me, you can add DariahSin and we can talk further on in the game.


I thank you guys and have a nice day.


Here is my discord Nagalos#8313. In case I am not online ingame you can contact me via discord

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