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Questions on Bracelets

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First, lets talk about spec.


Tiger Bracelet

Triggers Tiger effect for 10 sec. on a successful Dual Dragons.

+270% additional Attack Power Bonus on a successful Dragonchar or Blazing Beam during Tiger effect.


Divine Dragon Bracelet

Triggers Firewyrm effect for 15 sec. on seccessful Dragonblaze

+135% Attack Power Bonus on Successful Dragonchar and Blazing Beam during Firewyrm effect.


I have exact 1000ap right now.  So if I wear tiger bracelet, I get 270% additional attack power bonus would be 2700 more damage on Blazing Beam.  I understood this part.


But when I wear Divine Dragon, it says I get 135% Attack Power Bonus.  So 135% Attack Power bonus means 1350AP boost?  Divine dragon doesn't say [Additional] so I am quite confused how the calculation works. 


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