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I cannot believe this is a full release game with how bad graphics and audio issues are! Unaccetpable


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I am a returning player. I started playing with the release of NA and played through level 45 (pre hongmoon skills). I have returned to try it again and have been playing for one week. Here is my results. These issues are the SAME issues I had back when the game first release. I cannot believe these bugs are not fixed. It's not my software or my install. It's your game. 


My specs: 


980 Ti

32 GB ram

Install and OS on SSD

Windows 10

Gsync Monitor (dual monitors, 2nd one is not GSync)

Current Nvidia drivers


The list of issues I have.


1) Audio. I alternate between speakers and a headset. Depending on if I am playing solo or with friends. Every single game besides BnS switches the audio fine between the two peripherals. All I need to do is disable one completely and enable the other. I do not even need to exit the games for this to work. With BnS it's completely different. For example, I just booted up my PC and I set my speakers to default play back device. I open up a browser and go to twitch and audio plays through the speakers like it should, I launch BnS right after and audio is going through my headset. How on earth does this happen? Your game should respect the audio defaults before the game is launched! I literally have to disable the headset and RESTART my PC for it to work. Another audio issue but isn't a big deal is your background music plays after I have closed the game. The game is literally shut down, not showing in task manager yet your audio plays for 10 seconds???????


2) Crashes. Every single time I launch your game it crashes once, I restart it and it plays fine from then on most of the time. But I can expect one crash per session of game play. 


3) FPS at 25. Here is what I have to do to get my FPS to 120 FPS each and every time. I have RESTART my PC and when I come to the desktop I must not launch any browser, app, game, etc outside of BnS, If I do launch anything first, my FPS is 25 in game. 


4) Cursor going off screen. Enough said there you can google it and anyone with dual monitors will report the same feedback.


I use to be a sub to this game when it launched. Most of the reason I left was the bugs. Here we are over a year later and still the same issues. I would consider subbing to the game again but I will not do that until all these issues are fixed. It's way too much of a headache to play your game. I am not going listen to a 10 minute youtube video to fix MY (????) Fps issue or read a 15 paragraph write up from a user on fixing it. Your game should just be fixed. 


When I type in game chat about my issues guess what the responses are? "Welcome to BnS", "tell me something I don't know", "If I had a dollar for every time someone mentioned that issue in chat".


I am someone that doesn't mind dropping any amount of money on a game I can truly enjoy. Matter fact I have NCoin just sitting in my account from when I use to play back in the day. But I refuse to spend one more dime on a game where the developers do not care about their QA. There is games in Early Access that I play that have less issues than your game that has been out in NA for over a year.

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