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10 minutes ago, TalonShina said:

as far as I know it's HM20 which is what we are now so they are at Level 55 and HM 20

I remember that last time someone said it's 25 or something at Korea, but maybe we speculated that time when we caught up to Korea and what HM they will have by the time.

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9 minutes ago, TalonShina said:

I'm not a huge KR follower I just heard for a long time the intended HM cap was 20 maybe that has shifted

Oh. Maybe someone who knows for sure will appear here.


Now would be nice to know when we get 55? Even I'm atm a 45/2 at Act 3 Chp 8.

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15 minutes ago, Suna said:

In korea max level is 55 and hm 25.

Thank you Suna.


Any news on 10th Class at Korea, because by they showed somewhere at December short trailer that this year new Class will come, so wanna know name of it and weapons of it now.

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5 hours ago, Suna said:

Jaesung said like two days ago in stream there is not any new information about new class in Korea. 

Thanks. I watched latest 20 minutes broadcast recording of BnS crew stream and saw someone in chat mentioning that new Class will be released in Korea at June or Summer.

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